Sokhna, Egypt / 2018

Villa 4 Overview


Compared to the 2015 Masterplan design, the number of Villa 4s has increased  due to the great success they achieved in terms of their image and unmistakeableness.  Since the New Town construction yard has been open in Sokhna, dedicated to the “Monte Galala” project, at the behest of TATWEER MISR, Peluffo & Partners has put a dedicated team together which is in charge of following each and every phase of every single architectural and/or construction-based aspect of supervision over the site.

Villa 4’s construction designs needed some small edits, which were then put into practice in the first mock ups.  Particular attention is being dedicated to finding a balance between innovative imagery and the brutal, contextual materiality of concrete.

The goal of conferring a perceptual “opacity” to the covering, like a sort of future archeology, must be sought through the identification and sampling of different types of exterior plasters and paints, together with an accurate reading and assessment of all the different possible hues.

Villa 4 Overview

Sokhna, Egypt

Tatweer Misr.

architectural design

design team
Gianluca Peluffo, Antonio Lagorio (project leader), Domenica Laface (project leader), Jana Van Der Hoven, Giorgia Console, Gabriele Filippi, Lidia Nario, Massimo Raciti, Paola De Lucia, Domenico Faraco,  Daniele Marchetti.

single-family home

2017-in progress

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