Firenze, Italy / 2018

PARADIGMA – The Architect’s Drawing Board


PARADIGMA. The Architect’s Drawing Board
Gianluca Peluffo
Museo Novecento
Piazza Santa Maria Novella – Florence
2 july – 6 september 2018

The Museo Novecento dedicates a wing of its Renaissance loggia to Paradigma – the Architect’s Drawing Board, a project in which the protagonists are famous architects, designers, collectives, and architects’ studios on the contemporary scene, who are invited to tell the public about themselves through pictures, drawing, projects, maquettes and drawing board models.
The architect’s instrument par excellence – the drawing board – represents what an easel is for an artist, a music-stand for a musician, in other words the support for this creation, the orizontal plane on which the architect stages and makes inspiration and design interact in their various forms, from study to creation. The way the drawing board is arranged embodies the mental organization of the person who works on it; in the collection of sheets of paper, diary and pen-holder, space is found for items related to personal relations, ideas, habits, little objects that conjure up memories of designs and projects. Architectural figures will alternate from time to time revealing to the public the secrets of the architect’s work, beginning with a glance at the drawing board. The original reflections that emerge will provide an opportunity to observe the architect’s work from a new, more intimate and personal viewpoint. At the same time the museum context will offer architects and young students the occasion to compare experiences. So architect enters the Museo Novecento as a protagonist, a building which, overlooking Piazza Santa Maria Novella, assumes the role of intermediary between the works of art on display inside and one of the greatest masterpieces of Renaissance architecture: the church façade, designed by Leon Battista Alberti.


PARADIGMA. The Architect’s Drawing Board
New Genealogy

Florence, Italy

a project by Sergio Risaliti
curated by Laura Andreini

project design

Museo Novecento
Piazza Santa Maria Novella – Florence

2 july – 6 september 2018
opening 2 july – h 18.00

Danilo Trogu (La casa dell’Arte, Albisola Superiore), Gianluca Peluffo, Antonio Lagorio

© Ernesta Caviola

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