Roma, Italy / 2019

Headquarter ISTAT

Street front elevation

The building

Mineral and Vegetal. Low cost and Efficient. Generous and Representative.
This generous building belongs to the place, the neighbourhood and the city. This belonging is declined in the generous presence of the Park, and in its architectural image, in its material language, characterized by the uniform but variegated presence of travertine, in navona tones. The external appearance of the building is that of a simple and efficient L-shaped volume, which vibrates in the light thanks to the “brise soleil” made out of split travertine strips, placed vertically and horizontally according to the various orientations, while the northern front only is a ventilated façade, always coated in travertine slabs.
This sequence of opacity and brilliance, regular shapes and vibration of the material characterizes the external appearance of the building.

The building and the city

The new ISTAT Head Quarter is a generous public office building.
It is because, optimizing its space needs, it gives the city a park of about 8,000 square meters.

A pine forest, a slice of Roman landscape open to the public, a lively, fresh and protected hillside. This park is the place of internal-external dialogue between the Congress Center, the internal Restaurant and the Library. Inside the Park, delimited by a porch “devoured” by nature, the main accesses are located, such as the descent ramp to the Congress Center, one of the accesses (the one to the West) to the underground parking, the main entrance to the offices, in the corner of the complex.
The pine forest is characterized by an undulating ground movement, a stabilized green lawn. Planting undergrowth or garden essences is inadvisable under pine trees and that facilitates and simplifies maintenance.
The building and the work.
The purpose of the building is hinged in a few simple elements: quality of space (dimension, light, relationship with the outside), reversibility (2), distributive, functional and maintenance efficiency. The triple division of the space (3) allows an excellent balance between the efficient exploitation of space, with the re-revisability of workspaces, and frequent transversal crossings of the building, important from every point of view, both from a business point of view and from a security and distribution point of view.
Ethics and Aesthetics cannot be separated.

Internal view of the common areas on the upper floors

Headquarter ISTAT

Roma, Italy


architectural design
with Rudy Ricciotti Architecte, Forme Studio, Lamoreux & Ricciotti Ingenierie, Milan Ingegneria, F.A.C.E. –
Factory of Architecture and Civil Engineering s.r.l.,G.P.A. S.r.l.

design team
Gianluca Peluffo, Rudy Ricciotti, Marco Airoldi, Gabriele Filippi, Domenico Faraco, Antonio Lagorio, Filippo Martines, Cinzia Schiraldi, Fabrizio Brandimarte

International competition for the ISTAT Headquarter

total area
38.000,00 m2


© GianlucaPeluffo&Partners

Second Prize