Sokhna, Egypt / 2015 in progress

Monte Galala. TATWEER MISR. Masterplan

Monte Galala - Sketch G. Peluffo

A predominantly mountainous desert terrain in direct contact with the sea, characterized the site.
The project is defined by a principle of “creation of the place”, not as imposition, but as an act of reading and acceptance of the territory in its topography and landscape characteristics and emerging “Soul”.
For these complex urban system appears to emerge from the territory while building in the contemporary his “collection of languages.”


Monte Galala. TATWEER MISR. Masterplan

Sokhna, Egypt

Tatweer Misr

architectural design
Gianluca Peluffo
with 5+1AA, AMW Architetti Associati

design team
Giulia Tubelli, Domenica Laface, Antonio Lagorio, Arianna Dall’Occa, Caterina Pini, Gabriele Filippi, Paola De Lucia, Carlo Occhipinti, Lidia Nario, Jana Van Der Hoeven, Daniele Marchetti, Massimo Raciti, Domenico Faraco.

Housing, Hospitality (Mountains and Beach resorts, 5 Stars Hotel, Business Centre, Wellness Centre), Leisure and Entertainment activities

total area
2.200.000,00 m2
builded area
1.300.000,00 m2

January 2015 – in progress

© Ernesta Caviola

a film by The Piranesi Experience
directed by Ernesta Caviola
producer: Claudio Esposito
original soundtrack: Enzo Pietropaoli
vfx supervisor: Marco Tripodi
editor: Alessio Franco
dop: Ernesta Caviola
line producer: Fabio Paolucci
first assistant: Barbara Rossi
vfx team: Gabriele Chiapponi, Riccardo Ciavarro, Luca Valentini, Ginevra Bellegrandi
operator: Luca Gennari, Alessandro Maiorano
sound design: Alessandro Quaglio
color grading: Grande Mela
thanks to Carlo Occhipinti, Gabriele Filippi, Gianmatteo Ferlin, Giulia Tubelli, Gianluca Peluffo, Ingrid Taro

Dubai Cityscape Awards first prize
“Residential Low Rise – Future projects” category