Right and duty to Genealogy

« we work with the consciousness that the local is the projection of the global, that the particular is part of a generality, understood not as a summation but as an organic whole, a universe which we enter through different doors that open and which allow, through differences, the articulation of knowledge and the language that brings us knowledge. »
(Eugenio Turri)

We belong.
We belong to a genealogy.
This genealogy is a weight which is the weight of history and beauty.
We can neither deny nor forget this.
Beauty can be shared, wealth cannot.

Our task, deeply ethical, is to bring together personal feeling, that which is deep inside everyone, with collective feeling, the feeling of a community, a people, a city, a landscape, a history.

just as giotto constructed the italian landscape
just as piero gave form to landscape and its soul
just as carrà dialogued with them and with history
just as caravaggio shaped the human landscape for all time
just as sironi first constructed the drama of the italian industrial city
just as munari worked on depth and the future with levity
just as ghirri unveiled the mystery of seeing reality
just as burri gave shape to the landscape of tragedy and its redemption
just as morandi gave shape to the inner world of time and light
just as mantegna gave shape to the poetic of the human
just as terragni built modernity and history
just as lina bo bardi gave shape to reality, subverting it
just as licini gave shape to the inner world of the myths
just as michelucci gave shape to a community and an idea of modernity belonging

To this is beauty.
A dialogue, a form of contact. That is, the idea that there is a connection, an optic nerve, the “Chiasm”, which connects individual feeling to the soul of the world and its physical reality. So, as italians, we can realise how extraordinarily extensive are the good fortune we have to respect and the duty we have to carry out. The soul that is within the things in our territory is so deep that it is our destiny is to live up to it.