Conformity, formal prevarication and detachment from reality are the main
characteristics of contemporary architecture. Together with the sense of guilt towards the shape and beauty.
The wonder, the astonishment are proper to the Italian poetics and its territory. The creation of wonder and astonishment by architecture, has nothing to do with the contemporary search for consent and spectacularity.
More exactly the creation of wonder is the instrument to reach the knowledge of the real. Here is the purpose. Return to see the reality.
And, even if the reality of the territory, the city and men is difficult and painful, the duty of architecture is not to give up imagining a future. A better one.
Also romantically.
The denial of the real, the attitude that from indifferent becomes cynical, proper to the contemporary architecture, must be defeated.
This ethic and cultural battle, will be fougth through an architecture which is specific invention and is born freely from the Context and History.
Its language is free. Its language is contemporary.
There is something we should admitt: we cannot have another childhood more, than the one we have lived.
Our generation of architects has in the eyes the pain of the violence on the territory and its oblivion.
It cannot believe that Development coincides with Progress.
But it can believe that the only possible identity is the plural one, that is specific to our country, where language uniformity has never been possible.
(Today even less).
It may think that this is the role of our Country in the Modernity and Contemporaneity: the work on multiple and specific identity, using the possibility of the Italian
contemporary architecture of being realist in the form of the cinema by Fellini, Antonioni and Ferreri or the photography by Luigi Ghirri.
Able to invent in the specific through buildings which are machinery of perception and use the Wonder and Astonishment as instruments for the knowledge.

Rights and duties

When you love, you run many risks.
You run the risk of becoming possessive or selfish.
Of isolating yourself in love.
When you love, you run the risk of forgetting your rights.
And your duties.
To the world and to ourselves.

Architecture is a body.
Physical, talking, conversing.

Love architecture. (1)

(1) “Amate l’architettura” (love architecture) is the title of a book by giò ponti, 1957