Palermo, Italy / 2018

Ro Ro cruise ship Terminal, Port of Palermo


The Garden. The Chiasma. The Forest.

Turn the binoculars upside down on he who, for love, knowledge or habit, is used to seeing his own city.
The City is a body.
It’s a body, not only due to the organic nature of its parts, its vital organs, its secondary arterial elements or its skeleton-like structure.
The city is a body because it’s raw, physical and real.  It joins wet and dry mechanical parts.  It joins reality with feeling, the future with history and nostalgia.  It’s made up of conversations, pores, hardness and density.  It’s sick, but it holds on and fights back.
Man and the world (like the city) are made of the same flesh.
In relation to this City-Body that we barely know, we decided to pay specific attention to conversation and reaction.
This is both the goal and the theme:  to “enliven” the soul of a city, “affecting consciousness” regarding the public view of the place.  In other words, the idea is to render the vision of the city and its potential transformation sentimentally and pragmatically shareable, by means of articulating the physical dialogue that takes place between port and city, public and private, institutions and individuals, but also between the artificial and the natural, and public places and private needs.



Project image - RO RO

Ro Ro cruise ship Terminal, Port of Palermo

Palermo, Italy

Autorità portuale di Palermo

architectural design
with ARX progettazione e consulenza, Milan Ingegneria S.r.l.

design Team
Gianluca Peluffo, Domenico Faraco, Gabriele Filippi, Paola De Lucia, Polo Di Nardo, Simone Chietti, Maurizio Milan, Giuseppe Laudante, Giacomo Maria Panfili, Geol. Vincenzo Liguori

International competition for Ro Ro cruise ship Terminal, Port of Palermo

total area
300.000 m2

estimated amount 70.300.000,00 eur


© GianlucaPeluffo&Partners,
© ARX progettazione e consulenza