Sarzamin, Iran / 2018

Rest and Service Area, International Competition


I-Land (Sarzamin Iranian) with an area of 1400 hectares, located 35 kilometres outside of Tehran on
the Tehran-Saveh highway and as a Special Economical Zone (Zarandieh SEZ), looks forward of the
day where as a new hub for recreation & tourism in the Country, provides various services to all
Iranian families and also International tourists.
The plan is built around a master axis reserved to pedestrians, which crosses the whole area, giving access to the required functions, including playing and resting, eating, praying, shopping, all while taking a stroll.
At the western end of the axis is located the vehicle’s repair and refueling area; at the opposite eastern end stands out the imposing and large sails covering the hotel and restaurant complex. On the top of the 55 meters high sails structure,
is located a panoramic deck allowing a comprehensive view over the Iranian-Land, including the F1 race track. Both the restaurant and the hotel internal spaces are distributed on the vertical axis, offering a charming and welcoming experience to guests and diners alike.

Rest and Service Area, International Competition

Sarzamin, Iran

architectural design
with Flavio Mangione Architetto, Hossein Mahoutipour

design team
Domenico Faraco (project leader), Gianluca Peluffo, Hossein Mahoutipour, Flavio Mangione, Alessandro Campo, Stefano Austini, Abolhassan Hatami, Antonella Mariani,  Anna Sganzerla

Landscaping and architectural design of “Rest and Service Area”

total area
46.000 m2


International Competition – 3rd prize