Olbia, Italy / 2012

New Parish of Saint Ignazio da Laconi


The project of the competition was declined in the dialogue with Artist Claudio Parmiggiani, starting from the image of Our Lady of Parto di Piero: the interior space and the whole body of the church represent this garment that welcomes the people of the cerdents and not . On the other hand, “The Dream of Constantine”, with its curtain and vertical wooden rod, representing the “birth” of a community, is the reference to the large central element in wood, which sits inside the Bell tower and holds the water tank, egg-shaped.
Passing under the Golden Wing of the Angel, you enter the sacred space of the Aula, showing the axiality toward the altar and Christ: driving the zenithal light that rains from the bell tower and caressing the great tree in wood, Light that filters through the almost popular placem
ent of the Cappella Feriale, and the one that crosses the dress, to the right, as a decoration, like a glass of religious tradition.
At the same time the interior welcomes the truth of the matter: the chiseled wood of the Cappella Feriale, or that of the masters trees, the structure of the tent, or the archaic in the form of amber roots, the stone continues in and out, For the floor of the church and the churchyard, in continuity, the gold of the Eucharistic Custody, the bronze engraved with sacred music of the Baptismal Source, the onyx of the altar, the land of Sant’Ignazio da Laconi.
The Glass for the Statue of Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Light for Christ. And for the Word.

New Parish of Saint Ignazio da Laconi, Olbia

Olbia, Italy

Conferenza Episcopale Italiana, CEI, con la diocesi di Tempio – Ampurias

architectural design
Gianluca Peluffo
with Claudio Parmiggiani, 5+1AA

design team
Gianluca Peluffo, Claudio Parmiggiani, Caterina Fumagalli (project leader), Gabriele Filippi, Danilo Trogu.

Design of the new Parish of “Saint Ignazio da Laconi” complex, in Olbia, including the church, the rectory and the pastoral ministry buildings.

total area
8.243 m2

Invited competition 2012

© GianlucaPeluffo&Partners

ceramic method
Danilo Trogu (la Casa dell’Arte), Gianluca Peluffo

© GianlucaPeluffo&Partners