Venezia, Italy / 2005

New Cinema Palace of Venice


This competition has a dual nature. On the one hand, there is a need for visibility and international expressivity; on the other, the respect for the extraordinary wealth of the Venice-Lido system. The solution to such dualism is based on the firm belief that it would be scandalous to destroy the green area of the Lido or try to compete with the Casino and the Palazzo del Cinema. Venice is not an underdeveloped city. It doesn’t need violence or formal prevarication. Thus, realism (Carrà) becomes an expressive solution; the opaque and earth-like appearance of the room harmonizes with the green areas of Piazza del Cinema and Giardino del Cinema, and with the two buildings. On the other hand, the basement, which is a functional solution for all the technical requirements of the competition, is sensual and luxurious: the image of a dragonfly wing has been used for the glass wall of the Hall overlooking the garden, materials and images from the world of Cinema such as gold, velvet and leather have been used for Foyer, the catwalk, the Cinema marketplace and the Bar. This answer to the duality of the competition represents a compositional and perceptive unicum, binding together respect and expressive strength, metaphysical realism and sensuality.

New Cinema Palace of Venice

Venezia, Italy

Fondazione Biennale di Venezia
Comune di Venezia

architectural and landscape design
Gianluca Peluffo
with Rudy Ricciotti, 5+1AA

design team
Romain Boucher, Sara Gottardo, Enrico Martino, Gabriele Filippi, Sara Traverso, Alessandra Quarello, Ilaria Sisto, Luca Bonsignorio, Domenico Conaci, Stefania Bracco, Francesca Ameglio, Lorenza Barabino, Anna Patti, Carola Picasso, Luigi Consigliere, Andrea Michelini, Marco Bugolotti, Francesca Calcagno

New Palazzo del Cinema of  Venice and surrounding areas

total area
18.500 m2

74M eur

07.2004 – 05.2005

© GianlucaPeluffo&Partners