Roma, Italy / 2012

New A.S.I. (Italian space Agency) building


The theme of the project is the search for equilibrium.
A formal equilibrium based on dissociation.
A building formed by different functions, a series of different bodies, needs to be built through a composing process involving the bodies themselves and the interstitial spaces, shaping the circulation system and the connections.
The search for Synthesis, proper to the creative-projecting process, has to face this dilemma
and solve it. Maybe thanks to a metaphor.
The absence of gravity is the metaphor of this project:
a joyful floating which suddenly founds a momentary balance.
It is a dissociated balance, not based on symmetry, nor on weight balancing. It is based on masses suspension, representing a perceiving system of movement and connection.
The black of the buildings, of different materials, but uniform, increases the feeling of not-belonging and the perception of a mysterious balance.
A few unexpected, almost magic elements – such as a series of conic skylights, a path ending in the water, a forest of coloured pillars, inspired by Daniel Buren, the reflecting effect of geometrically perfect but interrupted bodies… – generate a sense of disorientation, increasing the effect of surprise of this complex and paradoxical balance. A building that catalyzes the centripetal power of self-revelation of the landscape through its fragments blacks, existing

New A.S.I. (Italian space Agency) building

Roma, Italy

Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti
SIIT Lazio

architectural design
Gianluca Peluffo
con 5+1AA, Annalaura Spalla

design team
Paola De Lucia (project leader), Domenica Laface (project leader), Gabriele Maria Pulselli, Francesca Ameglio, Lorenza Barabino, Stefania Bracco, Magda Di Domenico, Gabriele Filippi, Daniele Marchetti, Enrico Martino, Nicola Montera, Luca Pozzi, Alessandra Quarello, Sergio Tani, Laura Vallino, Nicole Provenzali, Andrea Solazzi, Benedetta Bondesan, Luca Caselli, Linda De Angelis, Antonio Terranova, Pamela Curione, Caterina Riccioni

total area
28.600 m2

34.679.200,00 eur


© Ernesta Caviola