El Alamein, Egypt / 2018

Museum of the Battle – The Tower ot the 47 Skies


Museum of the Battle
“The last bullet”

The Museum of the Battle theme is the connection between past and future, as we had the same for the Battle of Al Alamein This connection of time applies first of all to Egypt, and then throughout the Mediterranean area and North Africa, as well as for Europe and the post-colonial balances. For this reason, the museum is a place symbolic of landscape but at the same time the declaration of a possible and better future, and dialogue among all nations.
You can not exempt from Monumentality.
A term that has been rejected and despised for decades. TheMonumentality, whether expressed through the language of contemporary and truth, is collective, shared, as “storytelling”.
It expresses the truth, because this place, the name “Al Alamein”, represents for millions of people of many nations, from Egypt to Australia, a place of tragedy, heroism, death, courage, pain, memory.
Then the Museum will not hide.
It will be landscaped and urban landmark for the whole New Town. The vertical element, “the tower of the 47 skies” because 47 were the days of the three battles will be a place of observation of the future (Al Alamein New Town)

Museum of the Battle

El Alamein, Egypt

Ministry of Housing and New urban Communities of Egypt

architectural design

design team
Gianluca Peluffo, Sahar Attia, Adriano Bocca, Gabriele Filippi, Pietro Carlo Pellegrini, Flavio Mangione, Romain Bouchier, Giulia Tubelli, Domenica Laface, Arianna Dall’Occa, Paola De Lucia, Caterina Pini, Carlo Occhipinti, Lidia Nario, Massimo Raciti, Domenico Faraco.

Construction of a memorial museum of the Battle of El Alamein, 1942

in progress