Mostakbal, Cairo, Egypt / 2018

University Town ‘Bloomfields’

Project sketch

The University’ system will become the ‘beating heart’ of
the new city. It will be in the starting intentions to ‘merge
the horizons’, that is making all elements of the masterplan not only compatible, but also interconnected, permeable
and enriching. The ‘semibaricentric’ equilibrium of the composition is a search for a perceptual connection of different elements, but necessarily dialoguing.
 The outdoor theater, for example, with its slope, connects to the landscape ring and the sports club. The library dialogues by position with the auditorium and with the crescent and the blocks
of classrooms and laboratories. All paths and all the faculties are reachable without closures, as a public space.
The central position of the University area makes it a potential ‘beating heart”: but in order to achieve this aim in reality, some strategic, planning decisions have been made that concern all aspects of the intervention: infrastructures
and transport, collective functions, functional mixing.
In particular, it was decided to identify an ‘infrastructural / architectural ring’, which connects, through a monorail and
a walk at high altitude, the university area with its main functions, and the rest of the city: by overlapping the main roads that cut the ‘area, this circular figure, a real contemporary urban walk, will allow people to move quickly or pleasantly between residential, commercial, university and collective areas, creating a truly ‘connected horizons’ world.



University Town ‘Bloomfields’ Mostakbal. Egypt

Cairo. Egypt

Tatweer Misr.

architectural design

residential clusters
Raef Faehmi Architects
Cairo. Egypt

design team
Gianluca Peluffo, Antonio Lagorio (project leader), Paola De Lucia, Domenico Faraco, Gabriele Filippi, Domenica Laface (project leader), Daniele Marchetti, Lidia Nario, Jana Van Der Hoven, Giorgia Console, Massimo Raciti.

University town in Mostakbal district of Cairo, Egypt

total area
3700 residential unit, 3 University Campus, 3 Schools, Services and commercial

residential and commercial:
1.353.881 m2
university and educational:
225.000 m2

in progress

© GianlucaPeluffo&Partners