Roma, Italy / 2011 in progress

Headquarters for the Musical Band of the State Police


The archaeological myth
Building E, the New Headquarters and  Rehearsal Room for the Band of the State Police, is the only entirely new building in the former barracks complex.
It completes the “C” complex of the existing buildings with respect to the large central courtyard. In this case, the theme of the project is to “contain the myth”, i.e. create, inside the building, and almost hidden outside, a material volume in reinforced concrete, the cone, which contains the rehearsal room in its basement, a real archaeological Tholos, as rediscovered in this complex, while above is the bar of the canteen (respectively on the mezzanine and the ground floor).
Clinging to the cone structurally. almost knotted expressively, is the continuous ramp in reinforced concrete that connects the floors up to the roof. Around the conical volume in reinforced concrete are developed four tall spaces for offices on two floors. The front exterior of the building, in dark grey plaster, reinforces the idea of it “hiding” something surprising inside, of creating a surprise, in this dialogue between opaque and history, between visible and invisible, between modernity and archaeology, between the contemporary and archetypal and primitive figures.

>> ceramic method

Cone ©Caviola

Rehearsal Room for the Musical Band of the State Police

Roma, Italy

Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti
Provveditorato interregionale alle Opere Pubbliche per il Lazio, l’Abruzzo e la Sardegna
Ministero degli Interni

architectural design
Gianluca Peluffo
with 5+1AA, Annalaura Spalla

design team
Gabriele Maria Pulselli, Francesca Ameglio, Cinzia Avanzi, Lorenza Barabino, Luca Bonsignorio, Stefania Di Adamo, Silvia Gambula, Domenica Laface, Cristina Leboffe, Andrè Guimaràes Lira, Marinella Maggi, Gabriel La Malfa, Daniele Marchetti, Enrico Martino, Abel de Sousa Maraques Patacho, Alessandra Quarello, Emma Ruggeri, Maria Michela Scala, Antonio Terranova, Sara Traverso, Luca Caselli, Linda De Angelis, Paola De Lucia.

Ministry of the Interior Head offices
Rehearsal Room for the Band of the State Police

total area
28.000 m2

ceramic method
Danilo Trogu

© Ernesta Caviola

direction: Ernesta Caviola
production: The Piranesi Experience
dop: Fabio Paolucci
editor: Alessio Franco
thanks to Luigi Rotella