Dubai, United Arab Emirates / 2019

Italian Pavilion Expo Dubai 2020

Project sketch

Beauty Codex
Italy Genealogy

The Italian Pavilion is a city made up of a thousand cities.
Just as Italy is a country of a thousand cities and thousand landscapes.
Wonder, abyss, spiral, landscape, garden, sweetness, work.
The perceptive sequence, corporeal and sensual, unites human beings with the landscape and the city.
Creating a Community.
This Community is founded on the city and on the “Encoding”, “De-coding” and “Re-coding” of our “saper fare” (know-how).
The Pavilion is a dynamic and complex sequence of experiences of Time.
Italy is the place of the Contemporary, or the Time capable of containing all the times in history, from the unfathomable past to the unimaginable future. Of darkness and light.
The Turreted City (the prologue) is built on the plan of a dream, Diocletian’s Baths, and natural light is its protagonist, caressing, in its whiteness filtered and diffused from above, the coding of city life (Rome, Siena), of landscape, agriculture and food (I Camaldolesi, Artusi), the coding of the industrial city life(Adriano Olivetti).
The Path is the dynamic and emotional journey into our “saper fare”, the creative decoding of fashion, design, robotics, pharmaceuticals, medicine. The Italian genius, made of a wonderful union of toil, rule and beauty. Never give up producing beauty. Never.
The path is a conveyor belt of creative energy, and it is characterized by movement in the dark, with artificial lights and screens.
The epilogue is a downward spiral. It is a possible future.
It is vertigo.
The rest is the Italian Garden.
The rest is the best Expo Restaurant, wrapped in golden bay leaves, like the head of Dante.
Toil and Beauty.

External view of the Italian garden towards the cone and the Turreted City

Italian Pavilion Expo Dubai 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


architectural design
with Fondazione SYMBOLA, PRAS Tecnica Edilizia srl Societa Ingegneria, HZ Studio – Architecture & Engeenering S.R.L., Green Land S.R.L.

design team
Gianluca Peluffo, Fondazione SYMBOLA, Gabriele Filippi, Domenico Faraco, Rina D’Urso, Antonio Lagorio, Paola De Lucia, Massimo Calda, Alessandro Campo, Christian Bonu, Ivan Zucca

International competition for the Italian Pavilion Expo Dubai 2020

total area
35.000,00 m2


© GianlucaPeluffo&Partners

Second Prize