Marseille, France / 2017

The Marseille Docks


A large building / infrastructure that ended its history of heroism linked to the work of the harbor, has long sought for its image and above all a possibility of dialogue with the city, for which it is still a kind of opaque barrier towards ” sea”.
Over 350 meters long, it has 4 indoor courts (such as the seasons) that immediately appeared us as the theme, the place where “tell a story”.
Because the city is made of history, stories, human beings, and space and matter, and then, when it comes to transforming a city, you have to wear of storyteller.
In this case, the story to tell was that of merchants goods, colors, fragrances of the Mediterranean, indeed of the world, capable of flowing from the ships, from a “ship loaded with …” inside this building, inside its courtyards, Inside the city.
And so we thought of the great fantasy travelers, those who could imagine far-away worlds without ever having visit them: Henri Rousseau, or Emilio Salgari.
Then in the courts enter the sea, like a blue and blue wave of fragrant pottery, combining the tradition of the whole Mediterranean, Arab, French, Ligurian, into exotic animals, enter plants, climb to the speed of the dream along the Walls, triumph of Egyptian palms … a journey, a dream, the city.
It looks set design, scenography.
Maybe it is, but above all it is a story made of colors, matter, words.
“It has come a ship loaded with…” (….I spy with my little eye).

The Marseille Docks

Marsiglia, Francia

JPMorgan, Constructa

architectural and landscape design
Gianluca Peluffo
with 5+1AA

design team
Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo, Sara Gottardo, Nicola Spinetto, Sara Traverso, Fanélie Pardon, Valeria Parodi, Sara Massa, Luca Bonsignorio, Carola Picasso, Lorenza Barabino.

requalification of the ground floor, courts and basements of Docks building: retail, entertainment, restoration

total area
21.000 m2

22,5M eur


international competition
winning design